Redtag is an app that has last minute and discount travel deals. The goal of the redesign project is to give the app a breath of fresh air by having a lot of white space and utilize icons to replace certain words. Also the redesign utilizes beautiful travel photography for the splash screen and the search screen. Using photography will inspire the user to take the vacation they are searching for. The app icon was redesigned to look more clean and modern. The type family that is used for the app redesign is Open Sans. It was chosen because of it’s clean and modern look. It is also very easy to read. The colours used are to create excitement and trust. The user can trust Redtag to have the best deal for their desired vacation
Challenges: Being able to update the app without changing it drastically for the user and keeping it recognizable.   
Time: 1 week
Program used: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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