Dream Wedding website is the companion website to Dream Wedding app. The goal is for Dream Wedding is create a streamlined process for couples to book their wedding venue and caterer. To ensure users are having the same experience across the website and app; same colour, iconography, and typography are used on both platforms. Dream Wedding's target audience are busy millennials who are looking to streamline planning their wedding. ​​​​​​​
Problem: Users have to book their venue and wedding menu separately. ​​​​​​​
Project goal: Create a companion website that gives users the same look, feel, and experience as the app.
Role: Lead UX Designer (Sketching, Wireframing, Visual Design, prototyping, research)
Time: 2 weeks
Programs used: Adobe XD
During the initial ideation phase, I focused on making sure users were having the same experience using the website as they were using the app. I made sure there were big hero images across different platforms and that there was enough space for the different information.
An unmoderated usability study was conducted with 7 interviewees. From the usability study, a pain point for users was the payment process was too cumbersome for users. To create a more streamed line process Google Pay and Apple Pay were added in.
For future consideration, since the initial focus was for booking a venue and catered menu, another round of user testing will be conducted to see what  additional features can be added in.

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