Nibble is a cookie distribution company that produces artisan cookies that are made from locally sourced ingredients. Illustrations of baking instruments are incorporated to show that the cookies are homemade. All the illustrations are original work created in Adobe Illustrator. To be outside of the box, a tube packaging is used instead of the traditional cookie packaging. The brand colours are tints of blue, orange, red and yellow. The choice to use tints as oppose to the pure colour because tints convey fun and youthfulness. The goal for the chosen colours is to demonstrates to the audience that Nibble is a trusted brand for delicious cookies. The blue conveys trust, orange and red encourages hungers and increases metabolism, and yellow is used as a fun and happy colour.
Challenge: Keeping the packaging design consistent with different type of packages.
Time: 3 days
Program used: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator

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